About Us:

Randy Hartsock:

President and Sales Manager.  Randy has spent 37 years supporting the High Voltage market with products and services including film capacitors, capacitor charging power supplies and other complimentary high voltage and high power components, as well as industrial high voltage systems.  Over the course of his career, he has fulfilled roles in Sales Management, Sales Engineering, Application Engineering, Design Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Quality Assurance and Manufacturing while employed by three of the premier manufacturers supplying the high voltage industry.  He has the unique capability of understanding all aspects of the Sales, Marketing, Design and Manufacturing of high voltage, high power products.  Over the most recent 22 years of his career before LaRan, Sales and Sales Management roles were held with General Atomics/Maxwell, a major world-wide supplier of High Voltage Capacitors and Capacitor Charging Power Supplies to this market segment.  Here, he developed a keen understanding of the application requirements of this niche market segment and how to assist in application engineering for a proper solution to these opportunities.  He has also mastered the art of Customer Service through excellent communication with both the customers and the manufacturers represented. 

Laci Hartsock:

COO/CFO. Operations and Administrative Management along with Customer Service Specialist. Laci's experience with her previous company qualifies her very well to manage the administrative aspects of LaRan.  She is well organized and accurate.  She understands Customer Service and Satisfaction very well.  She possesses excellent communication skills for interfacing with our customer base and supporting the companies we represent. 


In Etruscan mythology, Laran was the God of War or Thunder.  In art, he was portrayed as a naked young man (!) with a helmet (probably Harley!) and a spear.  Laran's consort was Turan (who would later become Venus (or Laci!) under the Romans).  Laran would go on to be merged with the Greek pantheon's Ares and his Etruscan companion Veive to form the Roman's god of war:  Mars.
or Laci/Randy...