​Companies Represented Include:

* TDK-Lambda ALE Systems:

For HV Power Supplies: Capacitor Charging to 50kV & >30kJ/sec., Configured for Continuous DC Applications to 50kV and >50kW (combine modules for even more power).  Also, TDK's New PHV Product Line of Precision DC Supplies 125V to 300kV, 14W to 15kW!


* NWL Capacitors:

A Division of NWL, Inc., is a World-Wide Leader in the Design & Manufacturing of High Voltage Capacitors for the Most Demanding Applications.

​* HVR Advanced Power Components:

For Solutions to Difficult, High Stress Applications with Custom and Pre-Engineered Non-Inductive Ceramic Resistor Products and Assemblies.

* Ross Engineering Corporation:

For HV Electronic and Electro-Mechanical Devices Including Relays, Probes, Voltmeters, Etc..

* Alpha-Omega Power Technologies, LLC:

For the Development of High Voltage Pulsed Sources for Industrial Use.

* L3Harris Applied Technologies, Pulse Sciences:

For HV Switches and Trigger Generators: HV Switches to 500kV,  Trigger Generators to 120kV.

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